Lantopia – Branding and Identity Launch


5 years ago, my friend threw his first LAN party. For those not nerdy enough, LAN parties are where you invite friends, bring their computers, and play games together in the same room. This small operation held in his apartment has now become something much more popular where people now fight (politely request an invitation) for a seat to join in. After realizing the potential to scale his event to something more massive, he came to me asking for some promotional help.


First step was to create identity. Not just any identity, but something recognizable for a targeted audience. My original design involved a standard crosshair used in FPS games. To give personalization, the vertical lines were shifted to define the L and T. He said he liked the concept but looked too corporate and flat, so I changed the viewing angle, trashed the red and went with a sleek grey. It got much better feedback, but everyone said it didn’t retain any ‘value’. Or rather, nobody knew what the hell it was, which actually led to the final design.

We mixed together the logo with a futuristic, hackerish font that clearly stated what the event is, and added 2 ethernet ports that connect together for stronger character. I also manually drew the wire because a regular-looking one lacked energy.

Promotion: After identity comes promotion. A series of posters were created and distributed through social streams such as Facebook, twitter, reddit, pintrest, and etc. to get some more eyes looking at this thing.

T-shirts were printed and given to the 30 members that attended this year’s event. We were hoping that receiving swag would increase retention from invited players while promoting outside awareness through their free gear.

And finally, the only physical result that everyone would likely see – the video. I got the chance to be at the actual event for a few hours to capture some video. I threw it into FCP and applied a glitch treatment  for all of the bumpers to enhance the image they were aiming for. We are now currently in the middle of distribution and spreading the word.

I’ll keep everyone informed! Phew. Talk about total solution.

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