3 reasons why you should consider animation

Turn on your TV, and you’ll notice an increasing trend for businesses to gravitate towards animation and motion graphics for their advertising needs. Ever curious why this is? I hope so – i’ve been meaning to plug my motion design services for a while.

1. Get ready for this – live-action adverts require actors and models.

No surprise here, but let me explain a little about what happens during the planning stages. Finding the correct voice, look, and overall talent requires a lot of time. Assuming after a week of research you finally found the perfect person, but what if he’s unavailable, busy, or sick? Something as simple as a schedule conflict already complicates what was once a seemingly easy streamlined process. Also, even non-union talent have managers and other forms of representation, which won’t only require an additional fee but may also charge depending where the commercial gets distributed.

Want to get more intense? Concepts might not be fulfillable due to their acting skills, height, or even hair color. What if the talent receives bad press over something irrelevant to your ad? Perhaps legal trouble or a sex scandal. Will people view your campaign the same way?

2. Cost-efficient

Don’t get it wrong – it’s not crazy cheap, but contrary to popular belief it’s not substantially more expensive then the standard video route. I can’t speak for all studios but the reason for this is mostly due to lesser setup. I’m talking about ignoring some of the most expensive components of the pre-production stage like location scouting, securing, scheduling, and overall project management. Yes – I charge for all this. I have to, unfortunately. It takes a lot of setup and prep work.

Let’s talk worse case scenario and assume the footage didn’t live up to expectation. Well, your next steps are to either to release sub-par work or setup another re-shoot which of course costs extra capital. Both options sound pretty bad. Motion design and animation have flexibility because it’s fully controllable in post production. Animated characters associated with your brand like the Geico lizard or that pink haired girl from those E-surance commercials also wouldn’t suffer the things listed above. Fake lizard involved in a sex scandal?

3. The sky is the limit

Let me know what resonates more:

A) a 90 second interview where a small business owner talks to the camera about what they do.

B) a 90 second interview where a small business owner talks to the camera about what they do, filled with infographs, open/closing title sequences, lower thirds, chapter bumpers, etc.

Not too hard of a question. Starting to see the value here? From a video-guy perspective, I can’t see a single reason why anyone would oppose to having animated segments in their spot. But there’s more! How about showcasing a product that doesn’t exist yet, or a building that hasn’t been built. It’s very possible to still generate awareness in your prototype stages without having anything physical at all.

Done for now – quite the long post. Hope i shared some insight to anyone interested in this stuff, and be sure to hire me when the time comes.


New website is finally here!

We’ve successfully relaunched our ScooBox2.0 webpage! Pretty sleek right ?

The whole thing is powered by our good friend RatchetFPS, who’s also a prominent DJ and musician. Very big thanks to him for dealing with me and all the massive revisions.