Mikes Hard Lemonade commercial – Behind the Scenes

My Mikes Hard Lemonade commercial is now live. I’d take a look before reading.
Now. where to start…

GROCERY STORE: When I originally scripted the concept, I didn’t take into account how hard it would be to film at a grocery store. The only way was to go a Safeway at 4am and hope no one would catch me. Well, guess what. Within 10 minutes I get kicked out by the store manager. After rejecting a 40$ bribe, I proceed to get kicked out of 3 more stores in 3 different cities. Got home at 5:30am.

FIELD OF BERRIES SHOT: I got this shot from Shorline Park in Mountain View, CA near google offices. Big mistake to shoot on a weekend. There were tons of people at the public park staring standing 5-10 feet away from me. We had an area roped off so it caused lots of unwanted attention. I borrowed the hat from my aunt’s hat collection.

RUNNING IN FOREST SHOT: This shot in particular needed to be framed perfectly. If the camera panned 2 inches to the right, you would see a freeway. 2 inches to the left would reveal a residential street. I drove through this area a while back and took mention in my sketchbook to come back one day to do something with it.

SWIMMING SHOT: My friend suggested to film at his house in Dublin, CA. He has a custom built pool thats elevated from ground level with an open glass window on one side, so we just setup a tripod right next to the window pane. What you can’t see from the video is the sub-freezing water temperatures. I only did 3 takes.

The ending sequence was copied from their official campaign, and filmed in my kitchen.The fireplace was turned on to strengthen the composition. Overall, it was quite embarrassing from beginning to end but wildly fun. I’ve also learned to bring more bribe cash.